1. Vehicles must operate in a safe manner at all times. You can be disqualified for operating any vehicle in an unsafe manor or showing poor sportsmanship.
  2. All vehicles must pass a safety inspection.
  3. No loose items in bed or cab of vehicle.
  4. Each wheel will have all lug nuts & tight, no hubcaps or beauty rings.
  5. Battery must be secured, and not in the drivers compartment.
  6. No loose parts on vehicle, I.E. fenders, bumpers, lights ECT.
  7. Suspension, steering & brakes must be in good working order & safe.
  8. Fuel system & tank must be secured, with fuel caps and in safe condition.
  9. All vehicles must have a neutral safety switch or a driver in the seat while the motor is running, all solenoid shifters must have relays.
  10. Drivers and co-drivers in all classes must wear seat belts and helmets.
  11. All vehicles above STOCK must have roll cage with at least 5-point restraints. Threaded pipefittings or lap weld pipe is not allowed (round tube only)
  12. Any ballast must be secured, No liquid or loose ballast.
  13. Flame retardant suit required in all classes above STOCK.
  14. No more than two people in vehicle during race.
  15. A fire shield or wall must separate occupants from engine compartment.
  16. Fire extinguisher required in all classes. (approved and working)
  17. All vehicles must have brakes on wheels capable of locking and in good working order.
  18. Once a vehicle is in the staging area, only driver & co-driver allowed in vehicle.
  19. If vehicle makes it through pits, both must remain in vehicle and return to pit area.
  20. Vehicle must stop immediately upon signal from official.
  21. Contestant can only drive one vehicle in each class. Each driver & co-driver must be registered.
  22. These updated rules supercede & prevail over all previous rules written or “unwritten”; drivers will be informed of any changes or additions to these rules at the drivers meeting.